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The Land of 1001 Nights 


The Persian Empire, which once stretched from Greece to India, has left remnants of an extraordinarily rich cultural heritage not only in today’s Iran but across the ancient empire territory. From Persepolis, the ancient capital of Persia, to the World Heritage sites in Esfahan and Yazd there is much to discover, but not only cultural sites, there is so much more to explore in Iran, mountains, deserts, and wilderness.



 Romantic Persia


Persia 1001 Nights

Visit Persia where the tales of 1001 nights took place. Shahryar, the Sassanid King (224-651 AD) takes Scheherazade as his wife.

Scheherazade tells him some fascinating stories such as Ali Baba and forty thieves, the Flying Carpet, Sindbad the Sailor, Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp, etc  to amuse the king but does not finish them.  

Persian Cuisine

As a four-season country, Iran has a lot to offer in terms of fruits and herbs which play a significant role in Persian cuisine.

Typical Persian meals usually consist of rice, meat, vegetables and meat.

Iranian families take cooking as a chance to get together and have fun. 

Persian Hospitality

You're going to experience authentic Persian hospitality when you meet them at their homes. Iranian families are used to get together quite a lot.

Most of our guests who visit Iran for the first time tell us how delighted they are to get a chance to feel at home like a local!



This book, Persia 1001 Nights, is your entry for a romantic journey to Persia and to explore the magic of the real orient.

In chapter 4 of the book, I, Davoud Dehghan, proposed a historical tour of two weeks through Iran. Thanks Mr. Max Fatouretchi, the author, for asking me to organize their trip to Iran and for mentioning my name in the book's Acknowledgements part.

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