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The Land of 1001 Nights 


The Persian Empire, which once stretched from Greece to India, has left remnants of an extraordinarily rich cultural heritage not only in today’s Iran but across the ancient empire territory. From Persepolis, the ancient capital of Persia, to the World Heritage sites in Esfahan and Yazd there is much to discover, but not only cultural sites, there is so much more to explore in Iran, mountains, deserts, and wilderness.



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Davoud Dehghan

When I started my job as a tourist guide
I started working as a tourist guide in 2002 when I realized my life-long ambition to show my beautiful country, Iran, to the guests from other countries. So I was both a driver guide for small group tours and a guide for larger groups and I got to know what priorities my guests have during the tour and how important it is to be flexible to the needs of my guests.