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Davoud Dehghan (Managing Director)

Davoud Dehghan

What I still remember with joy from my childhood

My name is Davoud Dehghan and I was born and brought up in Yazd, Iran. When I was a kid aged 10, my family and I traveled to Shiraz when we were on the New Year's holidays called Nowruz. As we were waiting at the entrance of the Eram Garden, I saw a group of tourists getting off the bus who were also going to visit the garden. I asked my dad if it was okay to talk to the tourists and he replied “of course”. After asking permission from their tourist guide, I went to say hi to a middle-aged lady. In fact, I could only speak broken English back then. I offered her a small snack and she replied “Thank you”, remembering exactly how she pronounced the TH sound. I said goodbye and ran to my dad eagerly and said, “I did it! I talked with a tourist for the first time! Dad, can I be a tourist guide like her when I grow up?"  My dad who could see the sparkles of happiness in my eyes replied, “For sure”. This was just the beginning of my dream job, a tourist guide.
So I studied English at a local language institute and later entered university to study English. In 2002, I took part in tour guiding classes and got my license to work as an authorized tourist guide in Iran.

When I started my job as an Iranian tourist guide

I started working as a tourist guide in 2002 when I realized my life-long ambition to show my beautiful country, Iran, to the guests from other countries. So I was both a driver guide for small group tours and a guide for larger groups when I've learned so much about what priorities my guests have during the tour and how important it is to be flexible to the needs of my guests.

Starting my travel agency, Touring Persia

I started Touring Persia Tours and Travel Agency in 2010 with the slogan “Touring Persia like a local”. It is my top priority to listen to my guests first and provide them with tailor-made tours to best meet their satisfaction.
Now, I’m happy to both organize and perform Iran tours for all travelers who would like to visit amazing Iran, an experience of a lifetime.

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