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Dress Code in Iran

Dress code in Iran

Female dress code in Iran 

There are two main ways Iranian females dress up:

Chador = which refers to the more traditional dress code in Iran. It is usually a long black cloth which covers the whole body.

Iranian Mantou = which is worn by most female young generation. It looks like a trendy loose thin coat which can be longer or shorter.

It is best to get a Mantou from a local shop in the bazaar and that will do. 


Dress code for female tourists in Iran

The young Iranian women tend to look fashionable and thus put on colorful clothes to look happier than ever. In fact, there is no strict rule which obliges Iranian women to wear black clothes as part of the standard female dress code. On the other hand, the old generation of Iranian women and the more religious ladies try to stick to the more traditional view toward female dress code and cover all parts of their bodies except their hands and faces. This does not mean that Iran imposes limitations on the female dress code. In fact, you are free to choose whatever clothes you wish to wear. So don’t hesitate to bring your colorful clothes!


What should I wear in Iran?

Tight jeans, skinny trousers are OK if you cover your body almost up to your knees with something like tunics. Interestingly, you will find a lot of skinny jeans on the markets in Iran. By the way, tunics are perfect to wear in the summer.


Would I be arrested by the police if I do not observe the Iranian dress code?! 

It’s very unlikely that you will be arrested by the police because part of your hair is out of your scarf! Female tourists in Iran have always been treated so warmly by the Iranian people. So Iranian people treat them as their dear guests. If they realize that you are not abiding by the Islamic dress code, you will kindly be asked to follow the dress code. It is not going to be harsher than that!


Iranian scarf

Scarves have become very fashionable these days and they come in different styles and colors. You’ll get a chance to buy one or two at a cheaper price compared with your own country. Here are two main approaches toward wearing Iranian scarves: 

The stricter approach: you make sure to cover your hair fully which is usually followed by more religious Iranian females. 

Less strict approach: wearing a narrow scarf which would let part of your hair stand out.


The future of Iranian dress code

As we go ahead in the 21st century, you can compare and contrast between today's dress and last century's Islamic dress code in Iran!

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