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5 Iranian Movies to Watch before Travelling to Iran

Iranian movies to watch before traveling to Iran

If you’re looking for the best Iranian movies, you’ve come to the right place.

Watching movies before travelling to Iran is a great idea to get familiar with the cultural differences and how people behave in different situations.

I have listed a selection of the best Iranian films before travelling to Iran. Watching the following Iranian movies will give you insights into Iranian culture, society and history.

In fact, these Iranian family movies are true examples of social life in Iran


1- A Cube of Sugar / Director: Reza Mirkarimi

The story of this movie is about an Iranian family that is going to throw a wedding party for their youngest daughter. Throughout this movie, you will get familiar with how Iranian people communicate and interact with each other in different events and social situations.


2- The White Nights / Director: Farzad Mo’men

If you are willing to learn about Iranian literature and love, then I recommend watching “The White Nights”.

It is about the life of a university professor who is living in Tehran and is often busy with his literature books and stuff like that. One day, he meets a young girl who has travelled to Tehran …


3- About Elly / Director: Asghar Farhadi

This movie is a great one to familiarize you with the middle-class Iranian life.

The young generation in Tehran is pretty much into spending their holidays in the north of Iran near the Caspian Sea.

This movie is about some young friends who decide to go on holidays to the Caspian Sea. Until one of the members of the group gets lost …


4- Mother’s Guest / Director: Dariush Mehrjoui

Have you heard about Iranian hospitality? This movie is one of the best ones displaying Iranian hospitality in social life. It is about an Iranian family that has some financial problems. They receive some unexpected guests for dinner and they are wondering what to make for them considering the tough money problem they have. Finally, all the neighbors come to help the family …


5- Here Without Me / Director: Bahram Tavakkoli

This movie is about a mother who is doing her best to find a husband for her crippled daughter. Until when the mother’s son brings his friend to their home and he clicks with her sister ….





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