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Top Things to Do in Iran

Honey Production Fields in Iran

If you’re wondering about the top things to do in Iran, then you’ve come to the right place. There are a variety of Iran travel experiences which you could try via Iran tours. Some travelers are only looking for the main highlights of Iran whereas others look for the top things to do in Iran.

What I mean by the top things is those Iran travel experiences which are so unique and thus are based on traveling like a local in Iran.

Traveling like a local in Iran

I believe everybody can find the main attractions of Iran in any travel books. That said, traveling like a local in Iran is particularly fascinating when you book your Iran tours with a reliable Iranian travel agency who knows the way to travel in Iran like a local.

When you travel to Iran, in addition to visiting the must see attractions in Iran, make sure you consider the following Iran top travel experiences.

1- Honey Production Fields in Iran

Have you ever opened a hive to try the fresh honey inside? No! Then, I recommend visiting the honey production fields in Iran in the mountainous regions. This is actually one of the top things to do in Iran.

Inside the field, you see many wooden boxes surrounded with honey bees and a kind mother and her son who are working hard.

They gave us a special hat to wear to protect from the bees. Then had a lovely chat with them and they offered us their honey to try. It was yummy! You got to try it.

2- Sleep in a Traditional House in Iran

Another top travel experience in Iran is to sleep and get up with a Persian charm!

While you could sleep at 4 and 5 star hotels in Iran, I suggest sleeping at least one night in these traditional Eco lodges in Iran owned and managed by the Iranian family.

There's a chance to have friendly chat and cook Persian food with them. Feel like home and enjoy your stay.

3- Do Some Exercise at the Zoorkhaneh in Yazd

Are you ready to see a Persian sports club also known as zoorkhaneh in Yazd? Jump into the round ditch and grab one of the weights and start exercising by first adjusting your movements to the song that is sung by the Morshed of the Zoorkhaneh.

Alternatively, you can just watch the performance at the Zoorkhaneh in Yazd and enjoy.

4- Try Dizi in Iran

If there's one Persian food you should really try, that's Dizi also named as "Abgoosht".

The ingredients are lamb meat and chickpeas added with potatoes, some tomatoes and spices.

The exciting part is when you try mashing the whole stuff together which you might need to ask the waiter to show you how.

And don't forget to eat some pickles and onions with it too.





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