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Surprising Facts about the Best Time to Visit Iran

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One of the most important questions before travel to Iran is to ask about the best month to visit Iran. In general, the best seasons to visit Iran are spring and fall.
The traveling season in Iran is divided into 3 parts:
1- High season in Iran
2- Shoulder season in Iran
3- Low season in Iran

1- High season of traveling in Iran

The high season of traveling in Iran or in other words the best months to visit Iran are April, May, September and October. The weather is pretty nice and most travelers visit Iran during these months. Please note that when you visit Iran in the high season, there is a chance of rainfall depending on what city you are visiting. For example, the northern cities of Iran are more likely to have rainfalls compared with the central cities of Iran such as Yazd and Isfahan. The best Iran tours can be found during the high season of traveling in Iran organized by Touring Persia Tours and Travel Agency.

2- Visit Iran in the shoulder season

The shoulder season in Iran is June, July, November and March. During this season, the weather is not as nice as the high season of traveling in Iran but still good enough.
Traveling to Iran during these months is advisable because of the following reasons:
First, it is less likely to have rainfalls during these months. Second, the tourist attractions of Iran are not as much crowded as in the high season. Third, you're more likely to stay at your favorite hotel since most hotels are available for booking.

3- Visit Iran in the low season

The low season of traveling in Iran include months such as August, December, January and February. That said, it's not as unfavorable as it sounds to visit Iran in the low season. Although it's pretty hot in August in central Iran, it's pretty cool in western side of Iran at the same time.
Additionally, during the cold months in Iran, you can visit the south of Iran which feels like spring time.
Also, the cold months offer you a wonderful opportunity to ski at some of the fantastic ski resorts in Iran. Last but not least, you can book your Iran tours via Touring Persia with 20% discount.

In conclusion, it's nice to visit Iran in all different seasons to get the most out of your Iran trip.
What are you waiting for? What's your favorite season for visiting Iran? Check out some of our tours down below and we are here to welcome you with open arms.

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