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Is Iran safe for traveling?

Is Iran safe?

Is Iran safe according to travelers’ feedback

In this article, I will tell you the story of a German couple who traveled to Iran in 2019 and I was their guide. When we first met at the airport, they were wondering about the safety of Iran for German travelers as we were heading to our hotel in Tehran. After a couple of days of our trip in Iran, they told me “Davoud, we want to share with you our feelings about Iran”

I was absolutely curious to know how they felt about Iran safety. So at lunch time, I told them “I’m all ears!”

Suddenly she started crying and really impressed me! I was getting anxious, indeed. She started saying “Now we understand what Iran is like in reality and what the western media had been lying about. To tell you the truth, we’ve been receiving a lot of political propaganda against Iran on our media and were really afraid to take a trip to Iran. However, we trusted other travelers’ feedback on traveling to Iran and their travel experience and ultimately decided to visit Iran.

She went on, “Your country is amazing especially when we see how welcoming the people are to us. You won’t find such hospitality anywhere in the world! Besides, we haven’t felt insecure for a single moment from the beginning of our trip up to now. That’s why we can’t wait to get back home and share our wonderful experience with our friends and colleagues.”

Well, I was absolutely thrilled to hear such positive feedback about Iran from my travelers about Iran.

Afterwards, her husband started commenting “Despite all the tensions in the neighboring countries around Iran, your country has remained a safe destination for traveling and you should be very proud of it.”

The Logic behind the Political Propaganda against Iran

It goes without saying that media propaganda is mainly based on financial politics that governments set. In other words, with today’s technology and mass media equipment, countries are able to distort the news to match their own policies. Take Iran for example. Ever since Iran and the US have not been able to develop any democratic relations with each other, every attempt has been made by some western media to show Iran as a dangerous destination for travelers.

It is self-evident that this policy brings them lots of financial benefit by forming a hegemony that would ultimately dissuade travelers from traveling to Iran and instead decide to travel to the destinations that are in line with their own policies.

Funnily enough, if Iran would follow the American policies, then Iran would be a safe country to visit. This is nothing but media hegemony as a powerful tool to deceive others to follow their recommendations.

I would say it’s time for everybody to start showing a critical attitude toward the media. The first question that needs to be asked is to identify the source of information and its policies toward the country the news is about. Only then, you would be able to evaluate its truthfulness.

Media awareness is essential for the new generation since everyone should know who behind all the news is and how they mix truth with lies to create a sense of trust in their viewers.

The safest country in the middle east according to travelers’ feedback

The best source of information about travel destinations is other travelers’ feedback on their experience. In fact, the reason why I believe so is that travelers are ordinary people and not influenced by any politics. Therefore, I strongly recommend all travelers who want to seek information about travel to Iran to search online travel sites such as tripadvisor.com.

The big advantage of reading other travelers’ feedback is that you will realize the big gap which exists between what the western media is saying and what the ordinary people are saying.

Some female travelers are wondering whether it’s safe enough to travel solo in Iran. Find out more on this at …

Many travelers who visit Iran with me give their feedback on their Iran travel experience on such websites when they get back home. This is really great because other travelers who want to visit Iran would read their comments and make the right decision.

Last but not least, the whole world is now beginning to reconsider what comes out of their media and question the reliability of the news. So are you curious to get some authentic information about traveling to Iran? Then check out https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g293999-d12860057-Reviews-Touring_Persia-Tehran_Tehran_Province.html


Whether Iran is a safe country or not should be searched in the travelers’ feedback about their trip to Iran and not in the news media. The more tourists travel to Iran and discover Iran firsthand, the more reliable and trustworthy their travel news can be.

For experienced travelers, it’s as clear as a day that some news could possibly be distorted and thus not reliable. In fact, when you travel and see the world, you will be able to broaden your horizon and discover the truth behind all the misleading attractive appearance.

Iran has always been a safe country over the last few decades and has never started a war against any countries. According to our travelers at Touring Persia Tours&Travel, Iran is much safer than many well-known countries where you witness a high level of crime and insecurity.

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