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What Your Mom Never Told You about Iranian Wedding Ceremony!

Iranian wedding

Can you marry in Iran easily? Marriage in Iran has undergone a tremendous change over the last few decades. In the past, arranged marriage was common whereas these days, couples usually get to know each other before their marriage. In this article, I will share with you the marriage system in Iran.

What is the Persian wedding ceremony like?

The Persian wedding ceremony is usually a huge one, depending on the couple’s financial status. Marriage in Iran has its roots in the Zoroastrian religion. In the traditional view of Persian wedding ceremony, guests are usually invited to the house of the couple’s families or possibly their neighbors’ houses which is by the way going to cost much less compared with the more modern style of the Persian wedding ceremony.

Traditional Persian Marriage in Iran

The traditional marriage system in Iran displays arranged marriage in Iran where the parents make a suggestion to their children for marriage. Then, their children are free to accept or reject. In fact, the traditional marriage system in Iran is still practiced in the present day.

Iranian Wedding Ceremony in Contemporary Iran

In the contemporary marriage system in Iran, usually the boy and girl meet well in advance but do not live in privacy. They get to know each other over the course of time until they’re ready to let their parents know.

Then, it’s time to seek the parents’ approval for their marriage. Once it’s done, a big hall is arranged with everything prepared for a large number of guests. Nowadays, Iranian families tend to have their Persian wedding ceremony arranged in big halls.

Regarding the marriage costs in Iran, the couple’s families reach an agreement earlier to share the costs.

Arranged Marriage in Iran

Arranged marriage in Iran is getting less and less common since young people can find their dream partner of life on their own. Of course, some religious families still stick to the arranged marriage tradition in Iran. Iranian families are more willing to upgrade their marriage systems as the young generation adopt the more modern marriage system in Iran other than arranged marriages. In fact, Iranian women have a high regard towards their parent’s consent for their marriage.

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