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Traveling to Iran: Summer Holiday in Iran

Perfect summer drink in Iran

Summer Time in Iran

Summer months in Iran are June, July August and mid September. During the hot season in Iran, students do not go to school. Instead, they go to summer schools and learn news skills.

Daylight saving time in Iran is on March 21 when clocks go one hour forward. As the days get longer in the summer in Iran, many Iranian families tend to have late night parties and therefore go to bed late.

Summer activities in Iran include going to the beach in the north at the Caspian Sea, going hiking in the mountains of Zagros, camping in the forests and near the lakes, etc.


Summer Temperature in Iran

The monthly temperature in Iran shows that it can get super hot in July and August in central parts of Iran. Normally, the average monthly temperature in Iran in summer varies from city to city. The northwestern and western cities in Iran have cooler temperatures in the summer compared with central and southern cities. How hot is Iran in summer really depends on the which city you are in. For example, the temperature in a city like Yazd in June can get up to 45 c whereas at the same time in Tabriz or Hamadan, it’s only 25 degrees!


Summer Vacation in Iran

The Summer holiday in Iran starts from June up to late September when schools are off and many families go on vacation to the northern cities of Iran such as Gilan and Mazandaran. Other families send their kids to Summer schools in Iran and have a late summer vacation, just before the school year starts.

In fact, most families don’t travel and wait for the Summer season in Iran. In fact, traveling during these months are more frequent not only because schools are off but also because the days are longer so they will have more daylight to enjoy.


Summer Clothes in Iran

As it gets hot during the summer, travelers are advised to wear loose cotton clothes which keeps the body cooler. Also make sure to cover you body following Iranian dress code. For more information on what to wear in Iran, read my article at https://touringpersia.com/article/1-dress-code-in-iran  

Perfect Summer Drinks in Iran

The heat wave in Iran summer and the rest of the world can be dealt with by eating what we recommend as “Ab Dough Khiyar”

Ab Dough Khiyar is a traditional Iranian drink in hot seasons in Iran such as summer. This ancient Persian drink is translated as: "Ab" means water, "Dough" means a mix of yogurt and water, and "Khiyar" means cucumber.


How Can I make Ab Dough Khiyar?

It’s really so simple!

Take 2 average size cucumbers and peel them. Then dice them into small pieces. Set the cucumber dices aside.

Take 1 shallot and 1 garlic and peel and dice them. Mix the shallots, garlic and cucumbers. Then add some yogurt and water and a little salt. 

Mix all the ingredients together. The consistency of the soup should be smooth and not too watery. Add some more yogurt if it's too thick. Stir well once more before serving and add some rose petals and dried mint to it. Now the soup is ready to quench your thirst!



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