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Iran Visa without Passport Stamps

Iran visa

Travel to Iran without passport stamps

It’s time to travel to Iran without passport stamps. In other words, the physical stamping on travelers’ passports as part of the Iran visa on arrival or leaving the country has been waived.

In corporation with the Police Department of Immigration and Passports, the new Iran visa rule is now implemented in all land, air and sea borders of the country.


Why visit Iran with stamp-free passports

The decision is expected to facilitate travels to Iran without fear of possible US. Penalties. In 2018, Washington announced travelers to some special countries including Iran would face restrictions to enter the US. In November 2018, the Islamic Republic of Iran started issuing electronic visa without any exit stamps for those arriving in Iran to cope with the recent sanctions against Iran. That is, travelers can apply for Iran electronic visa without any worry. That’s why visit Iran with stamp-free passports is welcomed by travelers all across the world.


Iran New Visa Rule

Travelling to Iran has maximized up to 52.5 percent last year attracting 7.8 million foreign nationals.

Now that the Iran visa stamping has been waived, foreign tourists can visit Iran much easier than before.

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