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Iran: Classic Persia

price: FROM € 999
Trip Description: It’s easier said than done to reconcile the country you’ve heard about on the news with a place where young couples walk hand in hand and hospitable families invite you in for a hot Chelow kebab and Ghormeh Sabzi. To think of Iran only in terms of the sights is to miss the real story. Our local guides will not only show you the picturesque attractions – but they’ll also show you what it means to be a modern-day Iranian. And that’s one thing you won’t get from your google search.
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Why Description: Discover the architectural wonders of Tehran, learn about the role religion plays in the city of Yazd, enjoy the artistic atmosphere of Shiraz and experience the grandeur of Esfahan. Experience the joys of Persian cuisine during Exclusive Experiences, including dinner in the home of a local family in Yazd and a visit to a traditional sweet shop in Yazd. Explore one of the greatest cities of antiquity in Persepolis. The relief carvings and towering columns will leave you in no doubt that this was once the center of the known world. Your local leader is on hand each day to bridge connections with the locals, give you an insight into Iran’s rich history and take you to the best bazaars, making your adventure in this intriguing country a breeze.
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The services of this tour can vary from minimum to premium. Starting from €€ 999, you will stay in traditional hotels and you will have public transportation between major cities. You will enjoy the guidance of our local guides in every city.

Naqsh-e-Jahan square, Esfahan, Iran

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